The ultimate yoni care guide: 

100 self care Rituals

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  1. Take a bath 

    1. Butter fly your legs, let the warm water nourish your yoni 

  2. Write her a love letter 

    1. Tell her in detail why you love her. Show your yoni some appreciation. Be romantic! 

  3. Write yoni poetry 

    1. About her texture, her taste, her smell, about how she looks about how good she feels. 

  4. Paint from your yoni 

    1. Pull out the paints, breathe into your yoni, and see what gets created when you’re creating from her! 

  5. Self-pleasure free of goals 

    1. Lay off the pressure to orgasm… just touch her with presence 

    2. Can you make this a regular practice? 

  6. Go buff under your clothes. It’s a fun secret between you and your yoni  

  7. Wear loose fitting, natural fiber clothes. Did someone say harem pants?  

  8. Work out… naked. 

    1. Connect to yoni and work out as she directs. Aka move from your yoni. 

  9. Dance… Naked! 

    1. Connect to your yoni and dance from her. 

    2. Breathe deep… make some noise. Howl from your yoni. Let loose! 

  10. Go into nature 

    1. Lay on the earth 

    2. Feel yourself as the same life force within all of nature 

    3. Breathe with your yoni. Pulse her. She likes it. 

  11. Practice deep listening to her 

    1. Tune into her by focusing your attention on your Yoni, feel her sensations, notice what thoughts or emotions might arise 

    2. Have a conversation with her 

    3. Practice using nourishing words 

  12. Repeat a mantra that makes your yoni happy 

    1. I am a strong, beautiful yoni of power! 

    2. I love my yoni and my yoni loves me 

    3. My yoni is a source of joy and creative power! 

    4. Make up your own! 

  13. Get new underwear that she picks out 

    1. Doesn’t have to be “sexy” 

    2. Might be a bold color that makes her happy 

    3. Have fun with this.. what does your yoni want to wear? 

  14. Give her a digital detox day 

    1. With a whole day away from technology what can you and your yoni get up to? 

    2. Let her do whatever she wants! 

    3. See ideas above and below [Symbol]  

  15. Give her a new hairdo 

    1. Make a mood board with different ideas 

  16. Massage her with coconut oil  

    1. Focus on the touch being healing 

    2. Touch parts of your yoni that don’t usually get attention  

  17. Say thank you to her every time you go pee 

    1. Be present with her when you go pee (no phone on the toilet!) and experience the sensation of going to the bathroom. 

  18. Wash her gently with warm water 

    1. Just water is all you need, Yoni is naturally self-cleaning and soaps can throw off pH 

  19. Pick a day and talk to her all day using an amazing nickname like Queen Radiant Sparkle, Priestess of Love, and Empress of Singing Sexy Pants (yes, use the whole thing you talk to her, every time) 

  20. Tell her jokes and let yourselves laugh together 

    1. What doesn’t the Yoni play poker on Safari? Because of all the cheetahs! 

  21. Let her tell you a story  

    1. Pull out your journal and write from your yoni 

  22. Get a Yoni steam 

  23. Practice with a Jade Egg  

    1. Yoni Eggs are a great way to build strength in the vaginal muscles, encourage overall long term health and increase sensitivity.  

    2. We recommend Jade (or Obsidian) because they are hard non-porous stones, unlike quartz or rose quartz which are not recommended.  

    3. To start with Jade Egg, turn yourself on so you are aroused before inserting, ask Yoni permission to put the egg inside, only proceed if she is willing to receive the egg. Once the egg is inside, simply lie down on your back and begin to gently squeeze the walls of your vaginal canal around the egg. You can try “pulling” the egg up, by squeezing upwards from the opening of the vagina, or “pushing” the egg downwards by squeezing from the cervix. Try alternating bringing the egg up and down like an elevator.  

    4. If this is your first time using an egg, get one with a little hole drilled at one end so that you can tie a Yoni friendly (plain, unscented, silk dental floss works great) string through the hole for easy retrieval when the practice is complete.  

    5. If you are just starting out with the egg, practicing 1-2 times per week for 5-10 minutes is a great way to start. Practicing too much can cause yeast infections because the glans in the vagina secrete more fluid 🙂 Jade Egg makes Yoni juicy! 

  24. Lay naked in the sunshine 

    1. If you have privacy, butterfly your legs wide and let Yoni feel the sunshine directly on her for a minute or two. 

  25. Forgive someone 

    1. Take that extra energy and do something fun inspire by your yoni 

  26. Do something bold, like walking right up to someone you think looks cool and asking if they want to get a coffee 

    1. Connect with your yoni as your wingwoman, to give you extra confidence 🙂 she’s there with you! 

  27. Go sugar free for a week 

    1. Try removing all fruit expect for berries as well! 

  28. Do your yoni crunches  

    1. Aka kegels 

    2. See jade egg above  

  29. When you start your period give yourself a whole day to just do nothing. 

    1. Try free bleeding for the first day (no tampons, cups, etc) 

  30. Have tea time with her & friends 

    1. Invite friends 

    2. Yoni tea time! Talk about yonis, self pleasure, sex and more 

  31. Stretch her gently 

    1. Use your fingers and gently pull the inner and outer labia 

  32. Pick a day and worship her like a Queen and don’t hold back 

    1. Wear sexy underwear just for you 

    2. Adorn yourself with luxurious fabrics and fun jewelry 

    3. Eat like a Queen 

    4. Walk like a Queen 

    5. Talk like a Queen 

    6. Make love like a Queen! 

    7. Cover your yoni in organic Rose petals

  33. Let her work out stuck energy by hitting a pillow or beating the wall with a towel 

    1. Let her cry, weep and wail.  

  34. Givze her space. 

    1. Take a self time-out, and turn off for an hour 

  35. Do some breath-work with her 

    1. Breathe in and out, let her be the one who breathes 

  36. Listen to her favorite music 

    1. Listen to whatever music she’s asking for in the moment, classical for calm and peaceful or maybe Reggae if she’s mellow or perhaps EDM if she wants to party. 

  37. Keep her hydrated – drink lots of water! 

  38. Read a book to her 

  39. Take a class or a workshop together 

  40. Pick a topic and learn something together on the internet 

  41. Connect with her and write a love letter to someone you love. 

    1. Send it to them! 

  42. Connect with her and write a letter to someone you are not on good terms with. 

    1. Don’t send it.  

    2. Burn it, release and let go. 

  43. On your next period ask her for permission to put every tampon or cup in 

  44. Plant a tree or some flowers in a garden 

  45. Lay down and place a crystal on her, let her absorb, drink in and be powered up by its properties 

  46. Smell your own underwear and thank her for smelling so good 

  47. When you’re lovemaking, focus on engorgement before penetration.  

    1. This can take 45 minutes of pleasurable stimulation before your yoni swells and is actually* ready to be entered!  

    2. Wetness is not enough… You want the tissue of your yoni to SWELL.  

    3. Fluffy yoni = happy yoni! 

  48. Sing to her 

    1. Let her sing to you 

    2. Sing from her 

  49. Practice connecting to her throughout the day and actively relax her.  

    1. Take a few deep breaths together as often as you remember 

  50. Look at her in the mirror and give her compliments 

  51. Take a picture of her, decorate it, frame it and put it somewhere special that you see every day 

  52. Make her an altar with sacred items, rocks, crystals, leaves, pictures, feathers, gems, jewelry, flowers. 

  53. Buy her something sexy to wear 

  54. Pick a day to touch her gently and lovingly throughout the day just to remind her that you love her.  

  55. Go on an adventure together. Get in the car or on a bike or go out for a walk with no destination, just let her lead.  

  56. Take a sauna or steam together (naked!) 

  57. Make a vision board with her 

    1. What is your Yoni inspiration and intention?! 

  58. Redecorate your bedroom or your entire home with her 

    1. How does Yoni want to arrange things!? 

  59. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down a description of her, don’t stop writing until the timer goes off. Next, go back and do the exercise again describing her as the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Next, write about her magic and her superpowers 

  60. Do a random act of kindness together 

  61. Stroke her hair (if she has any!) It’s fun to tug on the hair too! 

  62. Let her indulge in a guilty pleasure, except leave the guilt totally behind and just enjoy it! 

  63. Practice letting her lead in your next meeting or creative presentation 

    1. Let her take charge at work 

  64. Pick one day and practice smelling everything with her, like it was the first time you have ever smelled that thing before. Do the same with all of your 5 senses.  

  65. Pick a day and treat every woman you meet and see as through she was your favorite artist, the Queen of the world, the most beautiful radiant creature you’ve ever seen and your best friend all rolled into one. Shower them with authentic compliments, give them every ounce of your attention and presence. 

  66. Slow down for a day. Ditch the schedules and time and just go at the pace of her natural flow 

  67. Start tracking your cycle 

  68. Give your whole body a self-massage… include your yoni! 

  69. Decorate her with yoni safe sparkles and gemstones (not in her though!) 

  70. Take her to the OBGYN 

    1. Advocate on her behalf 

    2. Ask for your OBGYN to be gentle and mindful with her touch 

    3. Request that your OBGYN receive your permission every time before she touches her or goes inside. Then really check in with her to see if it is okay, and if she doesn’t give you permission then tell the Doc your sorry but she needs some time! 

  71. Practice saying NO! With her. Let her feel what a full and complete NO feels like and then let her have it. Do the same thing with YES! 

  72. Ask others for permission to touch or hug them.  

    1. Give others consent before they touch of hug you! 

  73. Eat nourishing whole foods 

  74. Get rid of all toxic chemicals from your home (detergents, bleaches, dyes, soaps, shampoos, cleaning supplies) and replace with all-natural versions.  

  75. Get rid of as many plastics and aluminum products from your home as possible. 

  76. Turn your phone off while you sleep… better yet, put your phone in a different room. 

  77. When you wake up, connect with your yoni first thing 

    1. Place a hand on your yoni and dream 

    2. What kind of day is this going to be? Let you & your yoni decide before any communications with the outside world  

  78. Practice receiving compliments, gifts etc. Take a moment after you have received to let her fully take it in and really experience it before saying thank you.  

  79. Take a cold shower in the morning 

    1. Don’t resist the sensation 

    2. Breathe deep, make sound 

    3. Let your whole body feel it! 

  80. Clean up your social media to de-friend anyone or unfollow the accounts that are toxic or that make you feel bad about yourself (be honest with yourself here) 

    1. Take a week (or 5) off social media 

  81. Practice radical honesty with yourself about how you are feeling and what you desire. 

    1. What’s your yoni got to say about this?  

  82. Practice asking for help 

    1. Practice asking for exactly what you need.  

  83. Declutter!! Everything. Your home, your car, your inbox, your social media, your file storage, your computer, your closet, your friendships 

  84. Cut a toxic relationship out of your life 

  85. Pick one week and turn off all artificial light when it get’s dark outside (this means no screens after dark either!) and instead replace them with candles 

  86. Smudge your home to clear the energy 

    1. With sage 

    2. With bells 

    3. By banging pots and pans 

    4. With incense 

  87. Practice protecting yourself and her by imagining an energy shield of light surrounding you before you leave the house 

  88. Ask your dreams to give you guidance  

  89. Try a new physical activity like rock climbing or ballroom dancing. Let your yoni pick! 

  90. Practice De-Armoring (advanced practice) 

    1. Set aside 20 minutes 

    2. Prepare a cozy space, that is safe and private (sound privacy and a lockable door are good!). Bring nice blankets to lay on and underneath, and pillows to make you more comfortable.  

    3. Begin laying down and breathing deeply in and out of your yoni.  

    4. Using your pointer fingers you are going to apply acupressure to specific points in the Yoni. 

    5. First at the very top using your two pointer fingers press slightly above the clitoris gently but firmly. As you press, breath directly into your Yoni at the point where the pressure is. Take a few deep breaths here and allow yourself to make any sounds that naturally arise. Gently remove your fingers and move to press right on either side of the clitoris, and continue with the deep breathing and sounding.  

    6. Proceed in this manner pressing below the clitoris, above the opening to the vaginal canal, next to the opening of the vaginal canal, and below the opening to the vaginal canal.  

    7. Continue this process on the outside of the outer labia and then again on the inside.  

    8. You can intuitively press where you are guided, just remember to breath into that point to let it feel and express whatever is stuck there.  

    9. What you are doing throughout this process is releasing tension, emotional baggage and energetic residue as well as trauma held in the vagina. 

    10. If you have a history of sexual assault, rape or abuse we do not recommend doing this practice without the guidance of a trained professional.  

  91. Throughout the day, pay attention to the sensation of your yoni, then allowing your attention to expand to include your whole body 

  92. Allow her to feel more free by making sound.  

    1. Breathe into her, feeling into her and let her sensations come out of your mouth as sound 

  93. Write down what you love about your unique eroticism and sexuality 

  94. Write down a list of the top 20 things that turn you on 

  95. What’s a fantasy you have that you’d never actually want to do in real life? 

  96. What’s a fantasy you really DO want to experience in real life 

    1. What’s holding you back 

    2. Make a plan and a timeline! It’s your life – make it happen! 

  97. Take her on a wellness retreat 

  98. Seek out the appropriate or professional support for her for any negative or traumatic experiences 

  99. Forgive your mother for something she did to hurt your feelings 

  100. Meditate on your ovaries and on your womb, connect to them as the home and steward of all human life on the entire planet, connect to how powerful she is (and you are) and thank them for bringing you into existence, and for being a source of your power. 


Upload your photos of you and My Little Yoni engaged in any act of self-care to your Instagram feed, tag @mylittleyoni and use the hashtag #LoveYourYoniLoveYourself to be entered into a monthly Yoni Self-Care giveaway. 

How do you “do” all these things “with her?” It is as simple as connecting to her, consciously though thought and intention as well as physically through the embodied sense (meaning actually feeling can do this simply with your awareness...or if you are not yet used to connecting to her with your awareness you can use your hands and touch her sweetly to bring your minds focus there). And you simply maintain this connection to her throughout whichever experience you are having. It’s as simple as saying “Oh hi Yoni, there you are, would you like to join me in this?” Somedays you may feel her resounding presence significantly throughout, other days it may feel like she’s totally asleep, all you need do is absolutely trust that she is always with you, she is always showing up, and just like for you, that can look different day to day. 

A good practice for getting more connected with Yoni is to practice body meditation. Body meditation is the practice of deep relaxation and focusing the mind’s awareness (aka your focused attention) on the sensations of the body, and then stating them out loud to yourself. Sensations are things like hot and cold, tingling or tickling, pinching or pressure, heaviness or lightness etc. They are things experienced through the felt sense of your body. So lay down, close your eyes and deepen your breath, let yourself relax deeply, continue working with the breath to sink deeper into a relaxed state, then focus your attention on your body, scan from head to toe and for each sensation you notice, simply notice! Don’t try to change it or feel it more or feel it less, simply notice and then speak it out loud. E.g I feel a tingling sensation in my toes, I feel a warmth vibrating on my right hip etc.. Continue doing this for 3-5 minutes and then focus your attention entirely on your pelvic area and specifically your Yoni, continue the body meditation in this area for another 3-5 minutes. When you are finished simply relax, while staying connected to your Yoni, let yourself experience feelings of love and gratitude as you connect with her, finish with a simple thank you to her and to yourself for connecting!