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Magic from the very beginning…

  • My Little Yoni traveled to Earth in a dream (she literally showed up during REM cycle and said “Welcome to the Yoniverse, now let’s bring our world to yours”) 

  • My Little Yoni picked the mystical land of Bali, Indonesia as “the place” where she would first become real. 

  • Research, connections and planning conversations were of little help and led mostly to many dead ends, but a clear voice, heard in a fateful daydream said “Go to Bali and just trust the process” Tall order, but okay... 

  • Thousands of miles, a delirious night’s sleep and one serendipitous lunch conversation led MLY to get made, by a wonderful woman, who’s name was none other than Madé.  

  • My Little Yoni moved to LA where she met and developed a high-profile cult-following of celebrities, business women, sex educators and media personalities who felt more joy and connection to themselves just by being around her.