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Welcome to the Yoniverse

My Yoni is animal and my yoni is wise
My Yoni is sexy, spilling juice down my thighs
My Yoni is brilliant and shining with light
My Yoni holds darkness—the essence of night

My Yoni is breathing you out and you in
My Yoni is sacred—she knows there’s no sin
My Yoni is pure as the clear arctic sea
My Yoni is growing and flowing and free

My Yoni is cute and a fierce hungry beast
Her ravenous nature requires a feast
My Yoni knows the magic of thriving
She sees life is more than just merely surviving

My Yoni is calm and empties to fill
In moments of chaos, finds peace being still
My Yoni is whispering always inside
The voice grows in listening—she no longer hides

My Yoni is infinite and human to the core
My Yoni is shameless—a saint and a whore
My Yoni is magic without even trying
Her essence is truth—her spirit is flying

My Yoni likes poetry and happy surprises
She likes other Yonis in all shapes and sizes
My Yoni is vocal with lots of opinions
She smiles and vibrates inviting the love in

My Yoni is a temple in which you can pray
She forgives the past and lives for today
My Yoni is simple and wise as the ages
She dances with muses and mystical sages

My yoni is open to all that you give
Praise Yoni— the Gateway—through which we all live.

- Ariel White (c) 2012