Yoniverse Word Of The Week: Eraser Dick

Welcome to the Yoniverse. A next-level reality where Self-Lovership, Play, Edutainment, Freedom, Gifting and Connecting Women (to themselves, each other and the world) are the foundation of a happier, healthier world.  


Within the Yoniverse you will discover a unique lexicon that is playful, uplifting, honest, approachable and of course, next-level! 


It’s like, if a happy vagina were to make her own urban dictionary. 

Today’s word is “Eraser Dick” 

Eraser Dick, is a dick it’s time to forget.  

This can be a dick that was actually inside, or just near by.  


It can be one that you want to forget entirely, or one you’re just ready to let go of.  


The vagina stores every experience it ever has in it’s cellular memory. Every lover, awkward moment, assault, tampon, turn on and period… the vagina never forgets.  


Until you ask her to.  

Sometimes all that is needed is an “energetic” clearing. 

Other time a physical trauma release is needed.  


In the case of the later, check out this article // video on “de-armoring.” 


In the case of the former, clear out the emotional baggage, energy and memory of dicks it’s time to forget by clicking here to down-load your free “Eraser Dick Meditation.” HERE