Why Morning Orgasms Rule


Even as a woman who loves sex, it can be challenging to balance all of the competing needs of modern life.  Work and career requirements generally get attended to first, followed by family and household needs. And then there’s exercise, friendships and overall healthy living that requires more time and attention. Combine that with a mate who is equally called on by different domains of life and it’s easy to see how four, five and sometimes even (gasp!) six days can go by without an epic love making session.   


You might be rolling your eyes at this point.  


A whole six days without great sex? Boohoo for you.   


I hear you – for many it’s not uncommon to go a month or more without sexual intimacy.  But what about women who know they love sex and given the space & time would easily make love every day (eg. vacation)? For me, and for the other women I know who fall into that category, going a week without an orgasm is simply not a good idea. And even if you don’t fit that category, it’s probably not a good idea for you to be skipping out on pleasure either. 


Let me explain.   


While I’m a generally happy and optimistic person, I still sometimes get stressed out and overwhelmed.  Without a daily practice, it’s nearly impossible to balance the unknowns of taking risks in career, start up land and attending to the aforementioned categories listed at the top.  Meditation, journaling, dancing, yoga, etc. are all great choices in myriad of options when it comes to staying centered in the midst of daily life.  


However in my experience, nothing beats the effectiveness of a good ol’ fashioned orgasm first thing in the morning.   


This morning I woke up with a subtle, nagging sense of anxiety hanging out in the corners of my consciousness.  It would have been so easy to hop on instagram as a distraction or to rush into my tasks for the day.  Most mornings I start by journaling. But this morning it was clear that while I wasn’t feeling particularly sexy, and it certainly  took some coaxing to get myself into the mood, a good dose of pleasure and orgasmic release was precisely the needed remedy to reset. 


A morning <pleasure> practice doesn’t have to include a partner and doesn’t even necessarily have to include an orgasm. For me, I generally do prefer an orgasm (or three,) for a fuller reset… and on mornings where I can steal my husband away to join me, that’s great too.  But even the act of bringing breath, presence and sensual enjoyment through your body as a centering practice is a righteous way to kick off your morning. 


So, that’s how I chose to kick off my morning today. And true to form, about twenty minutes and a couple of “little deaths” later1, it’s hard to even remember that nagging feeling that was nipping at my heels when I woke up. Nothing externally has changed.  My to do list is still there, but I feel more space to attend to it with presence and confidence.  Rather than tightness, I feel a nice warm glow in my chest.  My heart feels more open and joy has room to take up residence.  I can now slide into my day with relaxed focus, as my husband likes to say.  The only trick now is remembering this next time, and the next time, that morning orgasms make everything better.  


You might not know this, but orgasms are great for your brain, improving memory and focus.  I’m not speaking to ejaculation for men that can often lead to a slump in energy, but for women, orgasms generally are energizing and stimulate more focus and creativity. Sounds like a nice thing to do first thing in the morning, huh? By causing a spike in DHEA levels, orgasms create a brain boost. They also lower the risk of heart disease and create a nice radiant “glow” for your skin. 


What’s especially great about flooding your system with pleasure first thing in the morning is that it serves as a “cortisol flush,” raising your oxytocin levels while kicking cortisol (the stress hormone) to the curb. While feeling stressed about everything you need to do probably won’t make you feel sexy, this is where making orgasm in the morning a practice you show up for anyway comes in.   


How are you choosing to enter your day? With distraction and giving your attention to other peoples’ expression on social media? With anxiety and inner pressure to jump into your day without any time for yourself? Or perhaps with a dose of oxytocin boosting sensuousness that can align your body, heart and mind and set you off on a clearer trajectory for your day?  


You already ready know what gets my vote…

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