Get woke.

Its just plain wrong that we’re not talking about the beauty of vaginas.

my little yoni = products that rock yoni pride.



Welcome to the yoniverse!


Pleasure is paramount πŸ’¦

Power is synonymous with sisterhood πŸ¦„

Play is the basis for education and growth πŸ™ˆ

And LOVE conquers fear! πŸ’—

Going #nextlevel in 2019, we’re issuing a call for the women of planet earth to come together and #yonite✌🏾

Whether you follow us on socials, rage at our pop up immersive events, or rock the Yoni fashion - every time you engage with My Little Yoni, you help reconnect women world wide.


My Little Yoni



say Peace to the past


Create a new future


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sanskrit term for vulva, or womb, meaning…

sacred gateway