Ariel with Yonis


My Little Yoni reminds & inspires women to connect with the unique, creative, expressive power of their vagina.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning "sacred gateway."

We celebrate women and the essence of womanhood with each yonique, love-filled, handmade My Little Yoni we create.    

In 2017 women are rising world wide. My Little Yoni is a symbolic representation of women's beauty, resilience, and power to make change.




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Who's in the MLY Club already? Fans include executives, artists, students, magazine editors, professional moms, celebrities, and film directors alike! Bridging border, MLY is a symbol that connects diverse women from different backgrounds and lifestyles. 

When you buy your doll you will automatically get access to the MLY Club and receive exclusive self-care tips, discounts, and invitations to MLY events and parties worldwide. 


"Not only do women birth the miracle of babies, but we are also capable of making art, beauty, Love, leadership, and sharing our fullest expression in the world... and it all begins with the core of who we are: with our Yoni!"    -Ariel White,  founder of My Little Yoni