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I touch myself, to know myself. To see myself. To respect myself.

How can you expect to respect that, which you do not know? What you cannot see or look at?

The root of the word respect comes directly from the Latin respectus, “regard, a looking at,” literally the “act of looking back at one,” meaning “feeling of esteem excited by actions or attributes of someone or something; courteous or considerate treatment due to personal worth or power.”

To be able to look directly into the face of all that you are as a woman is at the heart of self-respect. Not a liking of particular traits or a demanding of certain treatment from others. It is simply to look, to see, to delve into the depths of exactly what you are—and I’d go so far as to say—without hesitation. From here you can offer yourself considerate treatment from an empowered place. But considerate treatment is a byproduct of respect, not the act of respect itself. Respect comes before action, it comes through the process of seeing oneself fully and revealing oneself to be seen.

You must learn to stand within the center of your own inner dwelling—the place where your succulent soul resides—to taste the passion within you.
— Ariel White