Wings Doll

Wings Doll


3 Body Styles and so many colors to choose from. Every My Little Yoni doll is handmade and one of a kind, just like you! 

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Every Yoni has a story to tell, including yours; so the question is how are you going to tell it?


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and means “sacred gateway.”


Already we have new petals blooming in the yoni story, anchoring us into this idea that our vaginas are sacred portals from which all is born.  Not only do we birth babies, but as women we are capable of birthing our art, passion, love, and fullest expression in the world, and it all begins with the core of who we are, our Yoni.  


At My Little Yoni we are sick and tired of women feeling ashamed about their genitals and little girls growing up with the idea that they aren’t safe being expressed in the world because they have vaginas.  We still have a long way to go before all women feel safe and shame free, but at My Little Yoni we decided to create a symbol of empowerment to celebrate the core of womanhood starting NOW.  We celebrate women and the essence of womanhood with each unique, love-filled, handmade yoni doll we create.    


As mothers, daughters, lovers, wives, career women, changemakers, community stewards and more--women can easily forget ourselves in the process, making endless sacrifices for the ones we love.  Unfortunately we can wind up exhausted, under nourished, cut off from intimacy and pleasure, or just plain burned out.  In a full modern life it’s easy for women to overlook that the person we really need to be of service to is ourselves.  


The My Little Yoni doll is a reminder and a symbol of the importance of cherishing, celebrating, and connecting with all aspects of you.  


You matter.  Your feelings matter.  Your yoni matters.  My Little Yoni is here to remind you of this and be a daily inspiration for you to connect with your body, your feminine essence, and the uniqueness that is you expressing itself through every breath.  


When we love us fully we have more love to give.  When we uplift ourselves all around us are elevated. When we look inside and feel inspired we naturally create magic in the world. My Little Yoni is a magical creature, original and one of a kind, representing our own flavor of magic and ever-changing desires.


Sometimes your yoni might want to sing, sometimes she might want to cry, sometimes she might want to flirt, sometimes she might want to daydream in the sun and write poetry… What we know is that learning to connect to your yoni will open incredible doorways to all parts of you and lead to a richer more inspired experience of yourself & life.   My Little Yoni is here to be your companion as you ride the yoni train and uncover more of your mysterious depths as a fully unique woman.


My Little Yoni helps us see that we are the creators of our own yoniverse, we are yonique, and we matter.


So if every yoni has a story to tell… What’s your story and how are you going to tell it?