My Little Yoni reminds & inspires women to connect with the unique, creative, expressive power of their vagina. 

Little Yoni first got made when founder Ariel White took a magical voyage to Bali, Indonesia to bring this vision to life.  

How It Began:

It began with a dream… literally.  A geek for naming things and all things women’s sovereignty, Ariel first came up with the name She knew it would be something special for women, but didn’t know what exactly. A few weeks later she had a dream about these amazing, colorful, fun, quirky characters that looked like vulvas, with eyes and smiling mouths, hearts and wings, arms and legs, and all with a wild playfulness and freedom!  Ariel woke up excited, now knowing where the name belonged.  While she was clear on the design, Ariel meditated on where the dolls should actually be sewn.  The message she received was very clear: My Little Yoni needed to be made in Bali, Indonesia. A luscious island where locals participate in sacred ceremony often and also worship feminine deities. 

Ariel's Connection to Bali:

Starting at age 12, Ariel formed a powerful connection to Bali. It all began when she did a research report on the Indonesian province and read about their death rites and cremation rituals. What struck her most was the vibrant colors and costumes employed in the ceremonies, the food, the offerings, the music, and the overall celebratory aspects of honoring a person’s passage into the next form. Even at her young age this deeply intrigued Ariel, making more sense than the solemn funeral rites she had experienced in the West. 

Bali is filled with an aura of intention and ceremony.  Steeped in ritual and sprinkled with gorgeous temples, the island is known for having a high ratio of sacred artists, who weave prayer and positive intention into their creations.  My Little Yoni required having a high level of artistry and loving positive intention imbued into its crafting so that the mission of what they represent would translate into their creation.

With Bali decided on as the birthplace for the Yoni dolls, Ariel began making travel arrangements for her trip.

She reached out to several friends who had clothing and jewelry made in Bali to get in touch with potential artisans prior to arriving on the island. Having meetings already set up seemed like the rational and prudent thing to do before traveling to the other side of the world… But for some reason, things just weren’t lining up! Friends either responded with the same sort of story, “I just don’t know anyone in Bali who could make something like that,” or she got no response at all.  

But rather than going into anxiety or stress, Ariel brought her conundrum up with the Yoni gods :) She went into meditation and asked for guidance. She received a clear message: go to Bali and have total trust that the perfect person to make My Little Yoni would naturally be magnetized to her.

Really? Travel to the other side of the planet on blind faith?  That’s quite a tall order, you sassy yonis!

However, Ariel obliged.  She trusted her intuitive guidance that if she continued to try and set things up prior to arriving in Bali that she would a) stress herself out b) waste her time and energy, and c) miss out on the synchronistic magic of Bali that's possible when it comes to merging strong intention with inspired creation.


Even though it stretched her way beyond comfort level or logic, when it came time to embark on her journey, Ariel was prepared only with sketches of the My Little Yoni design and a strong faith that she would meet the perfect artisans to bring this vision to life.

After a delirious first night’s sleep, Ariel’s dear friend Ceslie took her to a beautiful lunch in the countryside overlooking hand-terraced rice paddies.  They met a friend of Ceslie’s for lunch, and over some chilled rose water, Ariel shared about the purpose of her trip. YONIS. My Little Yoni, to be precise.  Amazingly, this brand new acquaintance suggested Ariel connect with a local woman named Madé, (Mah-day), a very skilled seamstress, who lived a few villages over. They set up a meeting for the next day!

Less than 36 hours after arriving in Bali, Ariel sat face to face with one of the sweetest women she had ever encountered. Even though there was lots of giggling and probably some thoughts of “who is this crazy foreign lady all about making plush yonis?” Made agreed to make the first prototype of My Little Yoni. She told Ariel that she had a pattern maker she would take the project to and that they could meet again in a week’s time to go over results.  Ariel gave her all of her hand drawn designs and crossed her fingers for a successful first round.

A week later they met and Madé had some bad news.  The pattern maker had refused to take on the project saying that in Bali they don’t make stuffed animals or three dimensional cloth objects!  It was too complicated for the pattern maker to do.  Madé explained that in Bali children played with carved wood toys and that to make a 3 dimensional cloth object or toy was totally outside of the Balinese framework.  However, before Ariel’s spirits could plummet too far, Madé said that when the pattern maker said “no,” that she had decided she would personally try to make the design work!  It wasn’t easy, but Madé tried over and over until she was satisfied with a first prototype to bring to the meeting. Ariel was overcome with gratitude for Madé's determination and commitment to the vision.  Even though it would take them more rounds of prototyping to dial in the design that was true to Ariel’s original vision, Madé turned out the be the perfect woman to bring My Little Yoni into physical form.  

Ariel felt deep awe that Bali had in fact worked its magic so quickly and effortlessly, bringing her the perfect artisan to help create the Yoni dolls- a maker she works with to this day and considers extended family.

My Little Yoni Comes Home:

The first fans were savvy women, sex educators, and even high-powered entrepreneurs. (If you ever go to award winning offices of MindValley in Malaysia, we’re told that a crew of My Little Yonis sit proudly in the brainstorm room).  More Yonis arrived from Bali and Ariel wondered how she was going to sustain the growing popularity all on her own. There clearly were raving fans, every time Ariel brought the My Little Yoni out in public or posted them on Facebook, women wanted to bring them home.  

My Little Yoni made a trip to Necker Island where she got to hang out with incredible female entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson (we’re still not sure he’s recovered from that meeting). 

Shortly after, Ariel moved to Los Angeles and dove head first into producing media material that tells empowering stories of self Love and sensuality. With the move to LA - My Little Yoni started getting noticed around town, adored by celebrities and activists alike.

The Mission Ramps Up: 

In 2016, just before that fateful election, Ariel met Eve Ensler & Susan Swan, the powerhouse women behind the organization V Day.  

Seeing the natural fit of iconography and mission, Ariel vowed to support the work of V Day around ending violence against women, in any way she could. They formed a partnership where a percentage of My Little Yoni sales goes to support V Day initiatives worldwide.

With the inauguration of the 45th POTUS in early 2017, women & the men who love them, took to the streets in peaceful protest. Tens of thousands of pink pussy hats were donned as millions of people marched in the name of women's rights worldwide.  And in the very same spirit of revolution, My Little Yoni is ramping up with more outreach and commitment to join the movement in solidarity. 

Through content and products, My Little Yoni supports you as a daily reminder to take care of yourself in the midst of radical change and inspired action. 

Exciting times lie ahead that require us, as women, to speak up powerfully, love ourselves fully, and support each other deeply. This is just the beginning and My Little Yoni is honored to be a companion and colorful inspiration along the journey. 

With new designs and content in the pipeline, stay tuned for more campaigns and initiatives in the months ahead... 


Ariel 💋  Founder of My Little Yoni